The Realtime Conference

October 18 & 19, 2013 Portland, OR



and introducing conference chair Mikhail Znamya

with narration by Nants Ingonyama

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RealtimeConf is not what you expect.

RealtimeConf is a not-for-profit event
assembling the diverse developers and doers
who push forward the bleeding edge of the web.

We put our whole crazy/creative/risky hearts
into the event in the hopes you will too.

Our mission is to help you bring open communication to the Open Web.

“It’s not a conference.
It’s a platform for imagination.
- Eran Hammer, hapi.js, former OAuth editor

So what can you expect?

Outstanding technical talks, inspiring thinking, amazing conversations and a few surprises.

How it all began

In the basement of a cafe in Brussels in February, 2011, Henrik Joreteg, Nathan Fritz, and I were talking about how the Open Web community and the XMPP community had remarkably similar worldviews, but were completely off of each other's radars.

We felt that the Internet’s only open and most popular federated messaging protocol (XMPP) was too important to be unfriendly for web developers—and the web itself was too important to be dominated by uninteroperable silos.

What if...?

“What if we got these communities together for a conference?” we said, agreeing that the nascent arrival of WebSockets provided the perfect opportunity for valuable cross-pollination to take place. And with the help and advice of JSConf's Chris Williams, what followed was an incomparably frightening and rewarding adventure.

From government spying to abandonment of federation, what we've seen and experienced in the past year has only made the need for these connections feel more urgent.

At the same time, the advent of WebRTC represents a significant level-up for the web platform. There has arguably never been a greater opportunity for the web to seize.

Why experience matters

While the talks, attendees, and conversations at RealtimeConf have consistently been first-rate, we have continuously ramped up our emphasis on the conference experience over the years.

As Eran Hammer recently put it, the drama of an event raises the importance of every tiny element. Invoking imagination and emotion brings out the best and most positive conversations, creates brilliant connections between people and ideas.

I am so proud of the people who are part of the huge team putting some of their career's most creative and risky work into RealtimeConf.

Realtime Week

Last year, we hosted the very well-received RedisConf the day before RealtimeConf, with the (independently organized) US XMPP Summit following. This year, we're doing the same, plus adding WebRTC Camp the day after RealtimeConf. We will have a joint Realtime Week ticket available that will offer savings on the combined events.

Join us at RealtimeConf this year. We need you.

—Adam Brault and the &yet team

P.S. A Thank you <3

To Chris Williams for teaching us what it means to build a community conference and to be intentionally tiny leaders. To Mikeal Rogers for modeling events focused intensely on what a community needs most in that moment. To Paul Campbell for teaching us to make everything personal and take as many risks as possible. To Jan Lehnardt for endlessly spreading the word that developers have an obligation to use our privilege to make the world better. To Julien Genestoux for being RealtimeConf's "first follower" in 2011 and then two years later taking the huge risk of bringing RealtimeConf to Europe. To Peter Saint-Andre for modeling generous and selfless leadership in his work in the XSF and IETF. To Eran Hammer for being an incredible force of encouragement about this year's event.

“This is the first tech event
I’ve left feeling loved.
- Paddy Foran,

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Watch a video reflection on last year's event.

“Definitely go.”
- Jose De Castro, Voxeo Labs

Venue & Accommodations

Sandbox Studios

Sandbox Studios

Jupiter Hotel

Jupiter Hotel

(Hotel rooms for RealtimeConf will be booked through us, so please don't contact Jupiter.)

Significant Other Track

If you're contemplating bringing your special someone along for the journey to Portland, let us keep them entertained while you're at the conference!

Friday, October 18 – Experience the best of Portland

Join hospitality expert Leslie Inman on a tour of the Hawthorne/Division district, including coffee at the Ford Building, a personal tour of Pinball Publishing, and a culinary adventure at the Food Truck Village on Hawthorne + Twelfth Avenue.

Saturday, October 19 – Underground adventures!

On Saturday, meetup with Leslie in the Pearl District for coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in the Ace Hotel, before heading out on an epic underground tour of Portland in years passed. Later, enjoy a delicious meal at the popular communal dining spot, Clyde Common.